Weird radio failure issue

This is more of a bug report rather than to ask for a solution.

During FNF today it encountered a radio problem. When switching from approach to tower at WMKK, I hit “Send and Switch”. I open the menu to send the ON THE ILS message, but instead I see the unicom ATC menu. Tower then sends me “say intentions”. I checked the frequency list of the airport and still don’t see tower. I ended up going around, annoucing a missed approach to appr frequency and reconnecting to network to fix the problem.

I have actually encounter this problem twice before, once at CYUL and once at RJAA, but both of those times I didn’t tune into tower (no appr frequency).

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Do you have a replay or a picture to kinda emphasise it more?

As I there was no tower frequency could this be the invisible tower frequency bug?

Yeah it is. I was just unsure if anyone had encoutered it when on the tower frequency before so I made the post.

Yes, it’s a known issue @xsrvmy

Replay doesn’t really help, except one info: the Tower frequency shows as WMKK (118.80) in the replay

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This has happened to me twice, always during frequency switch to tower. Once on final and once during ground to tower frequency. I would receive the instructions but my ATC window showed unicom and my replies would transmit on unicom. When i was on final i received ‘please follow instructions or you will be ghosted’ and my ATC window didnt show any active controllers, only unicom.

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