Weird plane

I was on a taxi coming from IKA to THR and I saw this 747-400. In the side of the Generic (Actually Mahan Air) 747-400.

I want to know what airline is it? And why is it lying at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport?

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It’s probably no longer used, I’ve seen generic 747s not being used in WMKK

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I mean the colored 744

It could be in storage so if there is any issue with another plane or there is a surge in passengers this can be used

Smile Air, i think ot have been Merged with Thai

Ok. But why is the plane at IKA?

Hm you could ask the boeing what shes doing there…

Haha how can you ask a plane lol

Sorry I don’t have VR glasses XD

If no airlines uses it I might just claim it as my home :)

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Mahan it’s iranian Airlines.

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