Weird pitching on any aircraft with nav.

whenever I set the NAV mode, then set the cruise level, I get a weird response from the aircraft system, it either pitches the aircraft drastically or puts me in a sudden nosedive, but not too much till the autopilot disengages, of which the autopilot levels it off or continue the angle of attack. it not only exists on the 777 that I usually fly but also on narrowbodies and also the other wide-bodied aircrafts. Please ifx this.

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Do you set you settings before applying them? Is so or not, can you provide any info on what you are doing, speed, VS, Alt, wise?

usually i will set them at 1000 for NAV, then set cruise alt. when i reach 0.84mach at or above FL100.

it happens when im still climbing to cruise level

Have you tried redownloading?

Also what AC

That’s usually our last option. It probably pitches because when you set an altitude and the VS is high, it will pitch really fast.

Do you know what VS you were going?

any with nav function. tried that but didnt work well. tried the reccomended list by the community but never worked well.

A video would be great to see exactly what your issue is. There could be a number of issues here.

NAV does not handle altitude, only heading. Your AP may be off and when enabling NAV your AP turns on which the VS or ALT is set low.

A video would be very beneficial so we are not guessing.

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