Weird Permanent Notams

Just out of curiosity, could someone please explain to me the purpose of the two notams in the middle of the US that are always active? They are just outside of Denver. Do they exist in real life? Or is it just the game? Why are they there?

Sorry for all the questions! I’ve noticed these for a while but always forget to ask!



Check out this topic below, Mark Denton explains why these were introduced into Infinite Flight:

You can see why are they there it says: No aircraft larger than a 757 or A321 are premitted at this airoprt.

This is just to add more realism… SO we dont have A380 at small airport… You can also see the NOTAM above Lukla.

Don’t we already have other things in place to keep large aircraft away from small airports? Like there’s no TFR keeping a 747 from landing at SAN

Ahh this makes sense. Thanks for the link!

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