Weird pattern on the aircraft.

This has happened before to me but it happened again today so I managed to snap a pic of it. In guessing it shouldn’t look like this?

Infinite Flight_2017-12-27-23-09-05

To me, it looks like weird shadows. However, I know that it cannot be that.

Its a new cool design. I like it personally (Its probably a corrupt file or a glitch)

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I think this is a support topic,
I don’t think these shadows are normal.

I hoped in the C172 to try to reproduce this shadow, and I am unable to reproduce. Could this be a you problem?

  • Have you restarted the app? Force Infinite Flight to close and restart.
  • Did you re-install Infinite Flight the app itself?

Maybe he just wanted to show the IFC maybe… It does seem like a weird sight.

A simple reinstall of the app should fix the issue.