Weird Outside view glitch

When I look on the outside views it goes all grey and blurry. It seems to happen when I see other users. Its started after the recent update (19.01). Any help?

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Hello and thank you for contacting support. To ensure that you are on the latest build of Infinite Flight could you please delete IF and reinstall it. This will allow us to better assist and know that you have the latest updates and hot fixes installed on your device. Kind Regards, Chris


Ok sure, Im just doing that now. Thanks for the quick reply!

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Its now taking a while for me to log in, its been saying please wait for ages now.

Okay something isn’t right there but that’s okay. Let’s have you go ahead and close Infinite Flight (make sure it isn’t running in the background either), restart your device and then relaunch Infinite Flight.

I’ve done that before your reply and its been going for about 3 minutes now. Its an iphone six if that helps.

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Thanks for that info. It appears that you may be experiencing some local network issues. Could you please restart your router for you WiFi. Once the router re-establishes signal go ahead and relaunch Infinite Flight again.

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Ok doing that right away!

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Wifi router restarted now lets see what happens.

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So its still taking forever, Ive logged in with my live account and now its still saying please wait… There must be a problem on either my side or with the app.

In having the same issue on iPad also

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What issues? :)

With the logging into account and scenery.

Its been going for about ten minutes now, just saying please wait. Any help? I appreciate that you’ve got other people to help.

That’s far too long, it just hangs in an endless loop at that point. Close Infinite Flight and try again but make sure its not running in the background after closing.

Ok maybe a reinstall?

You just reinstalled before I had you reboot your router though correct?

Yep correct and its not running in the background.

Okay, restart your device and try again :)

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I’ve restarted. Still taking for ever to log in now