Weird oceanic tracks

When i was looking at my map i saw the tracks span all the way to the west coast of america. I presume this is a bug or does this actually happen?


No this is likely due to the end or start waypoint of the track having the same name as the actual irl waypoint being used resulting in this. There are waypoints in the world that have the same name so this is something that may happen time to time.


As I’m just getting onto the training server and thus harder core about routing, would it be reasonable to zoom in at the estimated start of the route, and manually add the fix there? I seem to remember trying to delete a good from the middle of a procedure and having it split to individual fixes… Would be a solid workaround if i have that behavior correct.

That could be an option although the fixes wont be grouped together anymore as a “track”

Sure. At that point, as long as the sequence is the same it’ll still give the same flight path… Only the waypoint limit to worry about on the long hauls.

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