Weird moving

I’m just making a flight From Edmonton to Toronto and my plane has started to move weirdly. The wind isn’t so fast… What happens here? My throtle is moving from 73 to 75


I’m pretty sure it’s called turbulence :)


But the wind is weak

Maybe it’s the glitch of the 321

Winds doesn’t have to be strong to cause turbulence.

If you could describe “weird moving” in a more detailed way, it would probably be easier to determine what the cause is :)

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Just go 1000 feet higher (idk what your FL is).

Like to horizon is up and down like right and left

OK I’ll try…

Not helping…

How is the wind direction?

34 kts to the horizon

Straight ahead 34 kts

Ok. What aircraft are you in?

That would mean the aircraft heading are going like in a circle.

That was just terbulence… I’m fine now