Weird love

Have you enjoyed anything you only noticed afterwards?
The infinite flight has already become something so important to me but the curious thing is that I only realized now.
I started with the instinct to install and use on the PC, then it was the difficulty of understanding the language, the difficulty of piloting the aircraft and today I see myself enjoying this system very much.
Using in the interval of work, between readings of books, etc.
Well I decided to join a VA but like this being difficult for me to change aircraft and company, at other times would be easy, but I really like my A380 and the AF colored. I decided to test another aircraft and another funny company the decision in my mind seems like I’m choosing which part of my arm I should cut (smile). Seriously I learned a lot from I.F. English, I made friends is something interesting what happens here.
Does anyone like Infinite and the virtual company so much?
I’m testing the 787-10 and I did not like it.
I do not think I’m going to get along in this VA business.


So… Sorry, I’m a little confused: Did you now join a VA or did you change your mind?

Love is in the air

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There are a few VA’s whare you can fly what you want when you want, and definitely broaden you’re horizons, there are so many fantastic aircraft, try them out!


And difficult to fly with different planes, I just landed with 787-10 in LFPG I was almost punished takeoff also another difficulty.
With the A380, nothing is new to me, I know it. Now try a company and on servers that can give punishment trying things that I do not see interest worries me.
I just did the registration I believe I chose well I researched a lot but at the time of clicking and confirming my heart (smile).
I love AF but still I’m not convinced I belong to an AFVA I’m not talking bad, please do not misunderstand.
Just as I started the previous post I chose a great company in my assessment only the whole thing makes me worried.

Today was a happy afternoon and night the LFPG is very busy with AF is the first time I see this so.

Okay, I registered in two interesting companies.
Let’s see what happens.
The two are great offer interesting things I hope to choose the best.
Whom to call me want to stay a good time as I stayed with my A380.

Well, good luck with future endeavors in Infinite Flight! Let us know which VA you choose!

I will wait to announce why something bothers me.
It was slow to respond and the contacts emails did not work very well was by indications the friends here who found the contacts. I found this part bad. But I believe that both companies are great and I have already prepared for them today I made tests with the models and colors to see if I can change and I went to the airports to have a look. As far as I’m concerned, I’m ready for a quick climb.
Now it’s up to them to respond.

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I confess that today I was really worried about the ATC because I was always being punished for small things but since yesterday I have been doing everything right and I went to Heathrow to test if I could do everything right, after all, it is very busy with ATC and the planes and I went very well a little complex again the tower had me change the lane half way over but I did the maneuver and started again and gave perfect.
I think the nervous was messing my up thinking today.

Good morning everyone
This is the end of the first episode of this story.
I finally decided where I’m going.
I was really in doubt, because I was AF but BA was very organized, so I used simple criteria to solve (advice from friends, education to attendance, speed of answers and attention to detail).
By 3 votes to 2 one won my decision.
Being a person with focus and goals to fulfill I hope to decide right.
At 08:00 UTC I decided to go to AFVA.
So, I see you friends in the sky.
Thanks to the 2 companies for the attention and patience and to all for taking my doubts and show more things to do here in I.F.

Ps. This topic continues because now we’ll see what it’s like to be an initiate in a VA and not another nomad flying alone.

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Well, now I’m a VA. I work for Air France my heart’s firm.
I confess it is very difficult for me this beginning, because I have no patience and short flights are a problem, besides being always with the same plane the A380, and now I have to stay with an A318,319 and 20. You know what have it´s been fun, because I’m uniting my need with theirs. Mine is that soon I will have the flight number 1000. Theirs is that they have to have an airplane at the airport and I’m always there.
Well the story continues, see you later.

good luck…

thank you

Livre de vírus.

Well I’m flying in VA and serious. It is very annoying because there are rules but aye they know how to give strength to not stress and desist.
For me, this is great, because I’m not stopped from flying free but, I can not do what I used to do anywhere. I’ve already achieved all the goals. The interesting thing is this new project belongs to a group of people who like reality that for me is new. I look at the I.F. as a game then, seeing these folks take this so seriously catches my eye and makes me wonder where that goes. They are good people, they help a lot and they care. It’s really interesting and I can not imagine the work and time administrating that a VA Group.
I will having continuation… wait

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