Weird Live stuttering

This is Kind of similar to my crashing post but not really, on live every few seconds the game stops for like half a second and then resumes to normal fps, I’ve tried lowering my graphics and everything and clearing ram or restarting does not fix it. Is it server issues? is anybody else getting this?

If you lowered your graphics and reset your internet, it’s probably a server issue.
What’s your device and OS?

Latest OS and I have an Iphone 5s although the weird stuttering it works smoothly

This has happened to me, and when it does, DON’T TOUCH your phone. Let it runs its course, and everything will be normal in a second. Also, it may have to do with the anti-aliasing being on, or the graphics are too high for the device.

Like I said, I lowerd the graphics, and anti alliasing is off it still didn’t change it so it has to be something else

I had this problem too this morning after a 10+ hr flight but on the next flight it didn’t happen anymore. Currently doing another long flight so I’ll see if the problem reoccurs for me.

For the love of all that is holly please include full device information when posting about issues :) we can’t investigate if we don’t have even basic information.


said that in one of my replies, 5s and latest OS :)

I have a iPhone 5SE, I experience this to, it is not that bad. Just wait until it stops, it doesn’t happen often.

I’m using a 5S also and I don’t receive this problems.
Please ensure that

  • you have no running apps in the background
  • You have free storage on your device at least 1GB should be fine.

I have all those things but it still happens

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