Weird line in water

I found this flying over Indonesia Should it be there?

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It’s most likely a satellite issue.


Hi there,

I think it that that line is a glitch in the world mapping. It’s possible that the satellite did not capture the image of that piece properly. It may go away in the next imagery update, but I do not think it is a huge issue, so it probably won’t be addressed. Do you happen to have the specific coordinates of the strip just to make sure that there isn’t another issue here? Thanks and have a good one.


It can’t be addressed if no one reports it. We’d need the coordinates near or over the line to report it. You can get the coordinates via the status bar.


That’s part of the giant arm that holds up the globe on its stand, nothing unusual

It’s probably just a little glitch though, since I doubt there is missing terrain imagery. You could try clearing the scenery cache, and perhaps that would fix it (if it’s still an issue)

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According to my calculations (0 x 0 = 0), there is a 0% chance that the OP clearing their scenery cache will solve this.

Please don’t be offended, just trying to be creative instead of blatantly saying that this isn’t the case.

After searching the nearby area on Apple Maps, Bing Maps, and Google Earth, there is no proof that this “line” exists in real life, meaning it is most likely caused by a rendering issue with the company Infinite Flight obtains its scenery from.

Real World vs. Infinite Flight

If I were to venture a guess, this is an area where two blocks of imagery come together, and it wasn’t done smoothly. I can’t confirm that, though.

This is something a developer would need to look into (no guarantee they can fix it), and there is nothing we (the user) can do, sadly.


may’be it’ll take you to china🤷‍♂️

just a joke guys

Its is located near airport Whiskey India Bravo Sierra 17 nautical miles north and it stops approx 15 nautical miles east of airport Whiskey India Bravo Delta


It’s a pretty deep black. My guess is whatever service Infinite Flight uses to get the satellite imagery did not have proper data for this small strip of the world! Crazy that people find this kind of stuff

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