Weird lights blinking in the ocean

Hello! I was flying over the ocean earlier and I’m noticing strange blinking lights in the ocean. I originally thought they were planes but they dont have any identification. Has anyone else seen this?

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Do you have any photos? It could be small island airports that you are flying over and their beacon lights.


I tried but they dont show up on the screenshot. They are really fast pulsing lights like the strobe lights of an A320.

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Probably an airport beacon or other aircraft then, but it could always be aliens.


I noticed it too, but I couldn’t take a screenshot! It is very difficult!..

I believe this has been reported already. I’ve experienced it too. Happens in the sea - location doesn’t seem to matter in the world. I’ve experienced it landing at KSFO, as well as over the coast of Australia.

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Do you remember where you were in the world? That way we can find out if they were island airports or not.

The middle of the English Channel and the Pacific Ocean