Weird happenings

Hi guys and girls,

While doing an overnight flight from EGCC to KLAX…my flight started doing some weird things

I do have a video which I’ll try upload to something and show you guys.

Any help will be much appreciated! The video shows more than the image!



In most cases, clearing the scenery cache solves this problem (Settings -> General-> Scroll down to “Clear Scenery Cache” and click it).

If the above does not work, then reinstall the app.


Looks like you may need to clear your cache and try restarting your device. This has been known to solve most issues.

I always clear my cache before and after flights and here’s is the video link
Edit: here is the link and shows more of the problem than the image


I have watched your video. Follow @Starley’s advice and try and reinstall the IF app. Then, restart your device and try again.

A couple of questions:
-How many times has this happened previously?
-Did you at any point close the app or was in interrupted in anyway that you know of during this flight?
-How long were you into your flight before this started happening?
-What device are you using and what version?


@JamieArscott - How much storage do you have available on your device?

Reason I’m asking is because this is what happens when the app can’t process or download any new imagery tiles. Being out of storage could be one of the reasons

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Well I have a 258gb iPhone 8 and have only used 30gb!

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Nope, I was 11 hours in to the flight. Never exited the app or any interruptions at all

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Well, that should be fine then :)

Is this the first time you’ve experienced this?

Yes, I’ve tried the restart clear cache and uninstall and install

And you’re saying it’s still happening or?

Yes for the quick flight I’ve just done (just flying around the airport to test)

Are you trying in the same area as this first occurred, or have you try multiple locations across the world?

Just tried a different location, I left the game closed for a bit and just retried seems to be not happening? May just be my phone 🤷🏻‍♂️

We are neglecting the Wi-Fi connection issue that crops up with this symptom too.

Are you in mobile data or Wi-Fi, and do you think it may have lapsed at any point?

I ask because this happened to me, and when I came in to approach I had that exact same image presenting itself.

I was connected to WiFi which I never seem to have a problem with while using it?

Roger. That’s where my suspicion lies then, if it doesn’t present itself regularly with this being a 1 off then I suspect you may have has a hic-up with connection bud

This happened to me as well. From KSFO to EHAM just over Britain. I might be wrong but try making it night or reduce screen brightness.
All the best.

Another suggestion, try closing all the non infinite Flight related apps down - by double tapping the home screen button and swiping up on the apps.

If none of these suggestions work, you can try to clear up your ram by going into your iphone settings-> General-> Shut Down-> then hold the home button. Your screen will flash and go back to the previous screen.

I’ve done before every flight alone with a full system restart and clearing scenery cache, no problems!