Weird Happenings at SVUQ

Weird stuff happens when you spawn at either end of the single runway at SVUQ located in South America. Maybe there’s a hobbit hole down there? 🤔


More stuff, I think the airport is just a ghost… 🤡

It seems like a scenery issue or issue with the airport. When it is reworked by our wonderful airport editing team it should be fixed.

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No rework needed to fix this.

Go to settings
Scroll down
Reset scenery cache
Restart the app

Should fix this.

@nativetoalaska did it help?


For the love of god I love this glitch in IF pls keep it 😂

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You don’t strictly need to do but I supose it doesn’t hurt. But all in all scenery cahe is the way to go here.

Clearing cache and restarting hasn’t helped thus far. 🤨😕

Ok, will check later, but it won’t a airport editing issue, pretty sure…

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This is a permanent issue until a member from the Airport Editing Team here in Infinite Flight comes fix it, but I don’t want to fo be fixed because it’s how one person got a Infinite Flight Record for the highest recorded altitude in the history of Infinite Flight. If others want to beat that or challenge that record, then they’re going to need to do it themselves which this is the only airport that’ll allow them to do so :/.

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That’s crazy

Lol, I dont think that will happen. (Saddly)

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I’ll have to see what I can do with this airport if you mention an altitude record. 😯

I now wonder what is possible with this… 🤔

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