Weird group flight on Saturday 23rd @1700z

Hi! I am @999aviation and I am going to do a group flight that is more like an event. You can start from any of the places below and but you must land at London Gatwick by 1700z. (Apologies but you will need to work out the departure time from your chosen airport. :)

B757-200 TUI

____ - EGKK

Saturday 23rd 1700z


Arrival Gate Aircraft Departure Airport Flight time Livery (None TUIfly) Pilot
572 B738 Alicante 2hr30min TUI uk
570 B738 Antalya 4hr35min TUI uk
569 B752 Chania 4hr05min TUI uk
567 B738 Corfu 3hr05min TUI uk
565 B738 Dalaman 4hr0min TUI uk
564 B752 Dubrovnik 2hr 30min TUI uk
562 B752 Fuerteventura 4hr 20min TUI uk
560 B738 Gran Canaria 4hr15min Thomson
557 B752 Heraklion 4hr10min TUI uk
555 B738 Ibiza 2hr20min TUI uk
54L B752 Innsbruck 1hr 50min TUI uk
54R B738 Kefalonia 3hr15min TUI uk
52L B752 Kos 4hr10min TUI uk
52R B738 Lanzarote 4hr15min Thomson
51L B738 La Palma 4hr30min TUI uk
51R B752 Larnaca 4hr 50min TUI uk
49L B752 Madeira 4hr0min TUI uk
49R B738 Malta 3hr0min Thomson
104 B738 Marrakech 4hr05min TUI uk
105 B738 Menorca 2hr35min TUI uk
106 B738 Mykonos 3hr50min Thomson
107 B752 Paphos 4hr35min TUI uk
109 B738 Palma 2hr30min TUI uk
110L B738 Paxos 3hr35min Thomson
111 B738 Porto Santo 3hr50min TUI uk
112 B752 Rhodes 4hr15min TUI uk
113 B738 Santorini 3hr55min TUI uk
101 B752 Skiathos 3hr 35min TUI uk @999aviation
102 B789 Tenerife South 4hr25min TUI uk
Rem 150 B752 Tenerife South 4hr25min TUI uk
Rem 150R B738 Valencia 2hr20min Thomson
Rem 151 B752 Verona 1hr50min TUI uk
Rem 152L B738 Zakynthos 3hr20min TUI uk

Rem=remote gate.
Please check your gate once you’ve booked a flight.

Please read the rules of this category before posting. Thanks!

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