Weird gray bar on multiplayer

On IF there is this weird gray bar that shows up in the airports section. Every time I click it, the app crashes

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Have you tried to reboot your device?

Yeah it still shows. It shows up for @reer104 as well,

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What about training server? Does the bar stay on all servers?

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Let me check real quick

Oh nvm it is gone now. It didn’t show up on TS when it first showed. I only saw it on ES.

When you go back to expert is it there?

I saw this as well on the expert server. When I clicked on it my app crashed.

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Nope not anymore.

Ok sounds like something got stuck in there and by switching servers flushed it out.


yeah it’s gone now

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Definitely an odd find though

Funny this happened to me today for the first time 2 mins after viewing this post.

Was a temporary glitch. Resolved.