Weird glitch

Am facing a weird glitch right now in which I can see the moon but its not producing light at all and its dark!

Do you have a screen shot?

I am currently flying! But wait I’ll try to capture one

As u can see the moon is right above me

But there is no light!

It does not appear to be a full moon so there should be less light.

Ik! But there is not even a moodshade on the plane. U can see the difference of light between the ground and the sky !

my ipad seems to be glitching out of the game when i am on

As Chris said, there is probably not enough moon to give an reasonable amount of light to light up your aircraft.

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No what am trying to say is that the moon light is fluctuating. For a min its there and for the other minute everything becomes dark

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Try going into settings, and turn graphics to high.

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