Weird Glitch

Hi everyone,

Today I was trying to fly out of Auckland Airport, but my plane (738) would keep glitching, and do this: (See pic below). Does anyone know why this is happening?

Sorry for the bad photo quality. BTW, it happened twice!

Were you still on the ground when it happened? Did it look like you were sinking Into the ground?

There is a red connection icon so it could have been a connection issue.

Clearing the cache will solve the falling issue.

Yes! That is exactly what happened. The first time it looked like my nose wheel just collapsed, but the second time it just completely sank into the ground.

No, that was a problem with the weather.

Clearing your scenery cache should solve the falling issue.

Ok! Great. I will try that. Should I also refresh my app?

Restarting your device is always a good idea.

Ok! I will do that! Thanks a lot! Hope this helps everyone!