Weird glitch

I turned my iPad off while on a flight tonight at 2030z and I come back to turn it on and I had 5 violations and had been ghosted but the iPad had been off for around 15 minutes, any ideas?

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if you were overspeeding or auto pilot turned off that could cause all those violations

What altitude were you at?

But I had it off and autopilot was on, FL290

The ipad was completely off?

Yeah, pressed the power button and went downstairs

You need to make sure you end your flight before the device is closed.

Was it off or did you close a cover or something? The report was a system kick and not a ghost .

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Thats interesting cause i’ve never turned my ipad off when flying, that might have something to do with it

But I came back and it was paused and said ghosted, and usually when I turn pit off it sends me back to the start screen

Because after 6 violations you are kicked from your session. It does not count as a ghost on your record and are not gone for 7 days.

I believe since IF is a live game it will keep flying in the server even if the Device is off

But that’s the thing, I came back and it was still flying saying I got ghosted

like @Chris_S said, make sure you end flight before you turn off you iPad

It has to remain open on your screen for the flight to run.

It usually does it for me though

Obviously you did not turn it off all the way. Did you just try to pause it? Either way these are just violations and will fall off soon.

Yeah I just pressed the power button, and that’s a shame as I was attending the KLM event this weekend :/

You really just can’t turn your whole iPad off because it won’t fly

That is not the OPs problem. I believe they intended to end the flight, but simply turning off the iPad does not do that.

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  1. Don’t turn your Ipad off
  2. Wait a week and you be back to before you turned off tour IPad

Can you share your replay?

For me if I press the power it just turns off my screen and the app is still running for a few seconds until it senses the connection. What was your speed prior to the disconnect?