Weird glitch with the C-17 and the 717

Hey guys so I was going fly the 717 but then I saw the aircraft pic was just half of it idk why this happened it even happened to the C-17 and this is a weird glitch I used to be on android but now I’m on iOS
Here is the screenshots:

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This happens occasionally. Close out of the app and reopen it. 🙂

I did it but still it’s there.

Can you perform a device restart?

Alright I’m going to restart my phone

Do you have a fast enough internet?

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Uh oh, looks like someone cut the cake

I’ll leave

But try to leave the app closed and not as a background for a while.


No need for snarky comments. Not everyone is online 24/7.

No need to repeat previous instructions.


If restarting the app or your phone doesn’t work. Try deleting the game and re-installing it. It’s happened to me twice and reinstalling the game works for me.

This is always a last resort. There are a few more things we can try first.

Actually you’ve got a point. I always start with restarting the app or my phone. Then I try clearing my cache. If none of these work, I just give up and reinstall the game.

I believe they were talking about the C-17 and the 717 being cut in half

Very fast net

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A reinstall is, unfortunately, the only solution here. Whilst these preview images were downloading, the connection might have been interrupted which caused the images to become corrupt. There isn’t a way to re-download just the previews from within the app apart from a reinstall of the application. Make sure to backup any replays you may have. Thanks!

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Before re-installing, please try clearing cache! This helped me when I had this problem.


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