Weird glitch where plane keeps bouncing all over the place

Hi- Just started today. Everytime I load an aircraft the plane just keeps bouncing up and down and freaking out, before I even take off. Any tips?

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Can you please share a screen recording, using
Potential solutions

Restart your device and IF

Try a different spawn location

Try a different aircraft

Uninstall IF then reinstall

Clear scenery cache

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I tried all but the uninstalling, I will see if that works. I’m going to try and send a video.


Uninstalling and reinstalling worked. Thanks again!

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Next time, try clearing your scenery cache. This has been linked to similar issues in the past.

Reinstalling Infinite Flight is one of the last steps that can be done after everything else didn’t work. It’ll most likely solve the issue, yes. But there can be simpler ways. In this case, clearing the scenery cache might have done it already 👍🏼😊

Glad the problem is solved though!


Let us know if you have any further problems!