Weird glitch when my screen flips

I was literally just starting my approach when I turned on the seatbelt sign and I flipped my device over. The systems display went wonky and was on the left and I could not exit out of it or use the rest of the plane. I ended up exiting the flight early. image

Which version of the app are you currently running? You can find this by tapping Settings -> About. It’s displayed in the top left corner.

Also, device type please :)

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19.1.7040.23959 iPhone XR

There’s a new just released that will take care of this issue.

Update the app and you should be fine after that :)

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No it still does it. Try pressing the systems button, then flip your screen

Okay, it seems like we had this fixed at some point and then it reappeared. Sorry about that! We’ll take a look at it and correct as soon as possible :)

To get out of this simply press your home button twice or if on an iphone XR, XS, Pro 3rd gen then slide up. Return back onto the app and it will be fine.

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Not for me. Just goes back to the same thing

Thank you. The new release is great!

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Don’t exit the app just do it so you see the overlap of all your apps open right now. Ie double tap then go back onto it.

Does that work?

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That actually works! Still there is a problem which still should be fixed but now I know how to get out of it. Not sure if it was doing that earlier tho

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No doubt, just offering a solution for the meanwhile. :)