Weird glitch that caused me to get a ghost

Hello, I have a problem with the ATC currently controlling YSSY.

Here is what happened: I was planning for an intersection departure since the airport wasn’t very busy and there was a long runway. I requested takeoff and he told me that they weren’t allowed.

I then went back to ground and requested a taxi to an alternate runway that I could get to by crossing the intersection I was holding short at. I was cleared to taxi. Since I was in the middle of doing a command, I did not see the message that popped up that said I was cleared to cross the runway I was holding short at.

As you can see in the screenshots, I did request to cross the wrong runway on accident (Fat fingers). I did not see he had already cleared me to cross as the command did glitch. I then pressed “correct stand by” and I requested to cross the correct runway. I was then ghosted with no warning. If someone could please help me out, that would be wonderful. Thanks!

Username: Jrraviation
Callsign: NJRR20

That wasn’t a glitch, the controller (@cleipelt) ghosted you - most likely a misunderstanding on his end when you made that mistake. Please PM him and continue the conversation there :)

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I couldn’t see the message, I only heard it so that is why I selected “disregard last message” as I heard it.

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Then I was “bamboozled” by that ghost message.

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Maybe he ghosted you just before he heard your message. Please PM him.

Thank you, just contacted him. Cheers!

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Being resolved in PM. :)