Weird Glitch? bug?

So I was flying from Melbourne to Sydney with a c130 when I got near Sydney every plane icon turned to c130 and idk if this is part of the glitch but as I got near on final the tower contacted me asking for me to switch over constantly like every 2 seconds I was already with the tower and he never responded to me when I said Inboudn for landing

everyone’s names were also Unknown

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All of the planes Icon are not C130. If you look closer you can see one that looks like a 737. It’s slightly overlapped by another icon though which is also not a C130. You may have been experiencing connection interruptions briefly, as to why tower didn’t respond

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What server was this on? If it was training, this could happen with inexperienced ATC.


It was expert

But still mostly everyone turned to a c130 that dude in front of me earlier was an a380 and when I looked again he a c130

No internet issues on your side? Maybe signal drop?

I don’t think so I was on my data so and everyone was still flying no one froze or anything I just couldn’t see those people with c130s

This sounds like a connectivity issue on your end. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, restart your router, and restart your device. That should (hopefully) do the trick. :)

Ah ok thx!

Also, did you receive a text or phonecall? They tend to make the app go on strike.

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No I got a YouTube notification though

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Youtube, and Snapchat like to send my connection to the toilet, Do Not Disturb mode works well to avoid it


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