Weird "Gate" like thing at Amsterdam (EHAM)

I spawned at EHAM with my new Etihad B777-300ER at gate A45 or something like that, and in my pushback this strange gate showed up. It is the one which appears to be behind the tail fin which has the problem.


That’s the way it is in real life:

EHAM was recently redone and is currently in the repo. The editors may have fixed this but you’ll have to wait until global is released which is when the developers will push a scenery update.


Does anyone know why that gate is like that?

So that it can be used for 2 small planes at one moment, or 1 large plane at one moment.


Isn’t it used for smaller aircraft that can’t afford a gate?

Two narrow body aircraft would be able to use that gate or one wide body can use it. Lots of airports use this method because it’s more efficient.

In the image that was above shown, I believe that area contains remote parking stands. Aircraft would use this area when they aren’t expecting to depart for some time which, in turn, frees up some terminal gate space for other aircraft to use. They could also use it, like you said, to board and deboard passengers if gate space in the terminal area isn’t readily available.

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Wait a minute, my B777-300ER couldn’t even fit in one of these!

Only the gates in the back of the photo can be used by heavy aircraft (A32, A34, and A36). :)

It shouldn’t be able to. The apron you selected is a cargo apron.