Weird Fuel calculations

Hello everyone, I don’t normally have any problems whatsoever, but this one really is getting on my nerves… So I just took off, doing a flight from WSSS (Singapore) to KJFK (New York). I originally planed doing a flight to Newark but I changed my mind. So I googled and the flight normally takes about 17-19 hours… Having that in mind, I calculated my fuel, and it turned out that I had to put fuel to 100%. Now keep in mind that the maximum fuel the B787-10 can take is aprox. 19h 30m. I am now at cruising altitude and all of a sudden, it says that the flight is 14h 33m, and my fuel is only up to 14h 47m. How is this possible if I’d done all the correct calculations? Any solution/answer is appreciated… Thank you,

Ps: I’ve had this problem before on previous flights…

Not to worry, sometimes they are just inaccurate. Once you reach cruise altitude things will adjust and you’ll be fine. :)


Relax, when you approach and reduce speed/throttle, the fuel will be enough. You probably used a lot of fuel in ascent to cruising if you had to take a heavy aircraft up to FL400 or something. Did you use step climbing?

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Yes, I have used step climbing, and I had the same idea that the fuel will return to it’s normal because of the descend… But what if I lose fuel while cruising towards KJFK?

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Yea you should be fine. I always pack fuel slightly above flight time. For most of the flight, my fuel remaining is on red if that makes sense, meaning its just about enough, but due to descent it will be enough. I always used to worry as well ahaha but its usually enough.

You mean by fuel dumping?

Trust me right now I am doing a flight my fuel is in the orange this happens on most flights and I know that I am still gonna get to Seattle

No, by just normally flying because it said that my fuel is under the required amount of fuel needed to get to the destination.

Mine is on red. That’s why I am confused…

Yes, youre still “loosing fuel” but youre burning it at a much slower rate whilst you descend.

Hence increasing fuel capacity

Mine just went to red because I am still ascending it will be fine.

Oooh, ok, I get it now… Thank’s so much for helping me out! So I should just chill, and not worry about it?

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Yea as long as your ETE is above fuel remaining you’ll be fine

Same flight as me?

Did u step climb?

Here’s a guide. Finally my regular opportunity has come 😂


Just out of interest, what aircraft did you use? I’m guessing 777 or 787?

Yes, I did step climb, but anyways, Problem Solved! Thanks! :)

No not same flight @BravoCharlie and let’s not get off topic.

B787-10, as stated at the top of the page