Weird floating light at TNCM

So I was flying into TNCM and after I landed there was this floating light that spinned. Think it’s like a guide because it was in front of a gate spot as to can see in the images. Anyone know what it is. I was flying in Solo.

It’s the airport’s beacon light, if I’m correct.


Beacon light?

It’s at all airports I think but I don’t know what it’s for

Ok I’ll check later if it’s at another airport

It was already discussed in a similar topic, is just the airport beacon light

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Ok thanks dutchman

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No worries 😌👍🏽

Hahaha I wonder how many of you have not seen this green/white alternating beacon light 😜

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I’ve seen so many posts about this, someone make a tutorial.

I never knew there were people that were unaware of the light…

Many prior posts. First comment is the correct answer.