Weird flight routes

Hey I was wondering why LOT airlines is flying from budipest to New York they have a hub in Warsaw but not Budapest. Budipest is in hungry not Poland. If you see routes like this share them here and can someone explain why.

Because they have a focus city in Budapest and deem New York and Chicago profitable routes.

A simple google search could solve ALL of your life’s questions:

I would not consider this one weird

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Oh k but still it counts as an unusual route because lot is a Polish airline I guess and I know budget airlines do this all of the time but for LOT this isn’t that normal

How is it abnormal? They operate a focus city out of Budapest and they see New York and Chicago as profitable markets to Budapest so they open that route.


Main carriers also do this when they deem the route profitable. Delta flies from Amsterdam to Bombay because AMS is a focus city

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Wow I never knew that

The same applies to Singapore Airlines flying from Stockholm Arlanda to Singapore via Moscow. Pretty much making a 2h stopover at Moscow to draw a profit on double market. SQ has chosen to do that to benefit from both Arlanda and Moscow.

SQ does this on SFO - Seoul - Singapore
LAX - Seoul - Singapore
LAX - Tokyo Narita - SIN

Once again they can fly directly if they wanted to, since United flies SIN-SFO or was it LAX, don’t remember which one but SQ on other hand has chosen once again to make a stopover just to take a part of a secondary market where they can make profit out of.

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Lots of airlines use these routes. They are called fifth freedom routes (in case you do not know) and there are 8 other “freedoms of the air” that allow for routing similar to Singapore’s as you listed.


They are not 5th freedom routes. A 5th freedom route means that an airline can operate from point A to B, picking up passengers at point B and continuing to C. Do they begin at Warsaw? Nope.

This flight instead uses the European aviation treaty(whatever it’s called) and operates a flight from anywhere in the European union to other places. That’s why Ryanair are Irish but can fly from and to anywhere in Europe. Similar story goes to Norweign long haul.

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Wendover Productions made a video about this I think!

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He does.


I also doubt Budapest is highly served, so LOT probably saw an opportunity, especially being a major airline with a decent name brand, and of course that focus city…

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That is incorrect, they codeshare with KLM for that route. Jet Airways is the other carrier on that route too.


I’m sorry that I thought that I flew on a Delta A330-300 from Amsterdam to Mumbai in comfort plus a few years back

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Yes, both KLM and Jet Airways fly directly to and from Amsterdam to Mumbai, Delhi, and Toronto Pearson. Jet Airways and KLM do codeshare on multiple flights, including the Mumbai, Delhi, and Toronto Pearson services, however, since Jet Airways moved their European Hub to Amsterdam from Brussels a couple years back, they also continue onto Bengalaru and soon Chennai. The Bengalaru and Chennai services are codeshared on by KLM, Air France, and Delta Airlines

Sorry for seeming like I’m showing off, just took the Jet Airways 9W231 from AMS-BOM a mere 3 weeks ago…

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You did. They used to fly from Amsterdam to Mumbai until 2015.

So this isnt really either of the two but is pretty good. So i have been flying my home airport (KFAT) or whats called by us, (KFYI); first of all the difference is the Fresno air terminal (kfat) vs now Fresno Yosemite International i believe is a pretty big difference even if it is wording. Secondly on the part related to this topic; like i have said i have been flying from my home airport which generally runs CRJ’s as general passenger aircraft although we are also an active military field and fire services recieving aircraft such as sofia 747, air force one, kc-10 refuelers, Point being i have been recreating or able to recreate flights in the crj that operate out of my airport regularly, & i have been loving the crj 900 especially, & upon furher inspection of the nav…

Shavy (shaver lake) & inbound on approach to kfat. Im not sure but every time i have tried to change liveries, airports, it stays the same for me. Just a little coincidence and i love it. Flight plan and real life application to the topic but in an obscure way :)

Take a look at Norwegian Air’s network. 🙂

When I was talking about fifth freedom I actually was talking about Singapore’s routes. Like you said, LOT does not operate fifth freedom on these routes. I think these routes are the seventh freedom routes.

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