Weird Flight Restrictions at Berlin

What are all these flight restrictions for… so many of them(Berlin)

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Have a read of this

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They are for the event :)

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And here what is a TFR and a STAR:

Basic STAR and TFR

A STAR is a Standard Terminal Arrival Route . These are set routes that aircraft take to fly into an airport.

A TFR is a Temporary Flight Restriction . These are restrictions based mainly on height, speed, or airport requirements. You will see large ones of these over each airport. These are the red or orange circles on the map.

We also use TFR s to show the STAR routes. You can see the start of the STAR by the slightly larger TFR. If you follow the TFR route from there, you will fly the STAR!

Each STAR waypoint is defined by the fix or VOR . At most of these, you will have an altitude and speed restriction.

To find this information, click on each red TFR circle, then click on the pop up that comes up. This is where you will find all the information in-app.

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Good info, thank you. I didn’t know that.

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