Weird Flight Experience

Hi, I just tried doing a flight and when I was on my descent, a lot of extremely weird things started happening to me.
First, I noticed trouble with my API. My VNAV (through IF-Assistant) wasn’t doing my descent so after about a couple minutes of waiting I began manual descent. Then I noticed that I couldn’t hear any of my callouts, but my engine sounds seemed louder than normal. I turned up my volume and still couldn’t hear the callouts. I didn’t see any thing in the top right corner with a yellow triangle indicating that there was an issue.

Then, I noticed that my camera angles were really weird. The nose of the plane was pointed straight forward right at the horizon yet my camera angle was pointed diagonally down. This was on my HUD camera. My “normal” view camera wouldn’t move either when I tried to.

Then, I saw that I was negative feet MSL. But I didn’t get a crash screen or anything.

Lastly, my nose immediately starting going headfirst for the ground so I had to leave to avoid a violation.

Never experienced something so odd. Has anyone else had this?

PS: I don’t think this is an internet issue as I kept checking the top right corner to see if it indicated a disconnection but it didn’t.


Geez sounds like a flight from hell! You talked about negative MSL were you negative when the weird stuff started happening or after?
Happy Flying :D


@reer104 Sounds like you found a “hole” in the terrain. This is usually solved by clearing your scenery cache by going to the IF settings and select “Clear Scenery Cache” Be sure to select YES (not the orange no button). The issue also may resolve itself with an app and/or device restart.

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Ok, I will try that. Thanks

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