Weird flickering cockpit view since 22.2

Oh wait yeah it is - I just tested sunset time and I can reproduce this issue on the phone I stream IF as well.

Affirm, and based on my observations, it mostly happens when the aircraft is above the clouds during daytime (after sunrise and before sunset).

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i also have this problem :)

Here is a video of the bug during sunrise: Infinite Flight 22.2, cockpit texture flickering bug - YouTube. It’s best seen when watching it at 1080p, otherwise, it’s blurrier and harder to tell. If you need any additional information about my heading at the time (or the replay altogether), Seb, let me know and I will happily provide it to you.

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I’ll make sure this gets noted and reaches the correct people internally.


Happens in the air for me.

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Thx so much schyllberg!

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Noted internally.
Thank you for the report!