Weird flickering cockpit view since 22.2


I’m experiencing some weird flickering using the A319/20/21inside cockpit view. The interior/instrument panels are affected. Does anyone else experience the same? This happens since the release of 22.2

iPad Pro latest version
latest iOS


Hello, sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue, could you please attach some images/videos to show exactly the issue you are facing?

Just spawn with any A320 family aircraft, you will see it. Happens to me as well

Difficult to provide. Maybe you can just spawn in using an A320 yourself?!

I just did and I can’t see any flickering?

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Likewise, unable to reproduce this issue.

I try to upload a video of it.

What graphics settings are you using?

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I can’t upload a video … any ideas?
Im using high graphics, 30fps and full anti alias. It’s good to see on plane surfaces. As @IF-Mallorca is also experience the same i assume it’s not an issue on my end solely.
I only see it on the older airbus models…

Could you try YouTube?

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@schyllberg @Sam_Neale I just noticed it only happens when the plane is moving

Unable to reproduce on a taxi test.

Here you go. Please look on the greyish surface. Cockpit view

Can you please take a screen recording of the glare effect? I am not convinced this isn’t just an issue with your iPad’s Display Record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

It’s very hard to see but I can reproduce that “flashing effects” in the cockpit on my Samsung tablet but on the phone I use to stream IF doesn’t. So maybe it’s a device-specific issue.

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My iPad Pro 2018 11” (15.4) does not present this issue. Stand corrected, am able to see this but it appears a lot more subtly than in the video. It appears, from my uneducated view, that it occurs in sync when the PFD is re rendered

Okay, now i see it.

Interesting one. I’ll have it looked at.


I am sometimes able to reproduce - it appears to happen under certain conditions that I’ve been trying to figure out since the release of 22.2, I suspect it’s something related to the sun’s position relative to the aircraft. I’ve also found that it’s way more visible during sunrise/sunset. I’ll share a video of it during sunrise shortly.

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Is this happening in the air too?
I just tried on the ground and now I’ve put my stuff away for the moment :)

Yea it occurs in the air as well, thats where I saw it most.

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