Weird Flaps 747?

The flaps are extended weird on the 747. The flaps in if seems likthey go down right away but in real life the flaps are pushed back out more and then go down. Why it it like that in if. Amd thats why i have to takeoff with 20 degree flaps

Those design of flaps are called slotted fowler flaps I think! It’s a more efficient system for a wide body plane like the 747

I can take off with flaps 10 if I have tons of runway.


Flaps ten 80 percent load? And still, takeoff at normal speed.

I have a high rotation speed but it’s do-able.

From what I recall, the 747 flap settings can be either 10 or 20 on takeoff; 10 will give you a longer takeoff distance but a faster climb rate once airborne, and 20 will get you off the ground faster but at the expense of a slower climb rate. 20 is better if runway length or load is a concern. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s the general process