Weird FIR/Center

Device: IPAD pro
Operating system: Latest

Can anyone explain this?


Bruhhh! I can’t explain this at all lol that is weird
Its probably a glitch😂

NO Fir… Im kinda sure. That does not exist.

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Yea me too!

NoMansLand (the english haven’t invaded it yet)

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guys turns out its real boys

I was just controlling that lol

And so uhhh, what’s that.

No Fir Center lol

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@Waffs and I top-secret experiment… What else do you guys think we do at IFATC in our free time? ;)

In all seriousness, it is a dead zone that I’m guessing was a mistake to add frequency too.


Shhh…. Aren’t supposed to tell them ;)


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