Weird elevation change at Oslo

It’s been a few times that I’ve noticed quite a weird and sudden change in elevation at Oslo on Infinite Flight. It’s really weird.

I’m guessing it’s some kind of a glitch or something right? I’m not complaining about it or anything, just looks kinda funny 😂😂


May be something to do with this, I advise taking a look. :)


Me to! Thank you for making a post on this. It needs to be fixed!

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Very nice. Thanks. Interesting

Please have a look at the post @TaipeiGuru kindly linked. I just checked an Oslo is both of 59N, and hence the issue is most likely related to the things detailed in the post above.

Thanks for reminding me, but we posted at the same time so I read it right after I posted.

Sorry then, I didn’t know that from the time stamp. It’s good that you read this anyways.

Np, mate. All good.

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