Weird door glitch? How do I prevent this from happening?

I did a flight today (from Kuala Lumpur to Manilla) and went to take screenshots… to find the door remained open the entire duration of the replay. Why does this happen, and how do I prevent it? (If possible)

Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S23
OS: Android 14, OneUI 6.0

This is a common bug with replays, So I don’t thing you can do anything about it. You could try reinstalling the app, but it doesn’t seem worth it.

It’s a common issue with replays, I’d skip to the end to prevent the door from opening.

If you see your door is open in your replay whilst trying to take a screenshot or screen recording, I’m sure one of the tricks that works is to skip back to a part where the door was actually already closed at a specific point of the replay (like when you hadn’t opened the door yet or any other ground services etc) to close the door, then skip back to the part where you actually wanted to take the screenshot or wanted to record then take your screenshot, this is the same procedure that works with cargo doors, but hopefully it’ll be fixed someday

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I had this problem too but with the cargo door. I found that it wasn’t consistent. When I ended the replay and re-opened it, the door was closed. Oddly, it opened up yet again at some point during the new replay session.

Good enough, works well.

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Okay nice cool