Weird departure

Yesterday I flew from Ord-lax on a United 787-10 and had a scary departure where we began descending for a minute shortly after departing. Look at the screenshot and when you see can anyone explain what happened? We were climbing at about 2800 ft per minutes at 4000 feet than quickly began descending 200 feet -400 feet per minute.


Could be what we call an RA or Resolution Advisory. Its when two aircraft are on converging path. Both aircraft then talk to one another and one is told to climb the other to descend. The pilots don’t actually do the talking the aircraft themselves actually talk to one another via software. All the pilots simply do is disconnect the autopilot and fly as directed on the vertical speed tape.


It could be that the ADSB and FlightAware just lag behind. Which is common as well.


I’m guessing traffic was above you?

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An e145 took off right before us it was not a flight aware glitch because everyone on the plane noticed it and was very worried.

I don’t see any traffic that would have resulted in a RA.

Chicago is known as the Windy City, though, so perhaps there was a bit of wind that pushed you down/slowed your climb. 🤷‍♂️

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Was a fairly calm day

You just honestly seemed to have leveled out. The aircraft might have just had a small decent in the process.

ORDs departure procedures have an initial altitude of 5,000ft. It’s likely that’s what caused you to stop. Usually ATC will give an aircraft higher prior, but not always the case. So in this case you climbed to 5,000 and stoped for a second before ATC gave you higher.


I figured this was the case it was just scary as a passenger because the pitch was so high, then quickly the pitch started rapidly decreasing.

Yeah. Did you have a window seat? If not, so many illusions like sound and a quick pitch down might have made the feeling exaggerated.

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Yes o had the window and it was very visible that the pitch was high and that it was going down

Wait what!? Seems a bit big for the route lol.

It’s a 4.5-hour flight between two very popular hubs, a 787-10 is pretty much perfect for that.

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Pitch reduced or was actually at a negative pitch angle? Key distinction.

The pitch angle was negative

I wonder if KORD has a noise restiction, because i know Sydney does. Once the aircraft has taken off, the aircraft levels out at 1000ft (I think) then clinbs again after a few minutes. Thats maybe why?

United uses pretty much all of their widebodies both internationally and domestically. The US has ridiculous demand for commercial aviation.

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