weird crosswind at take off

Seems to be that every time i take off when reaching about 120 knots on any big liner or fighter jet it leans to the right i need to use my rudders to correct alignment it never use to do this any ideas?

It’s probably because you have a crosswind. Your plane’s nose will always face into the wind, so prior to rotation, slightly move the rudder in the opposite direction of the wind.

You should not be rotating at 120 knots in a large aircraft. Not even close to that. You’re wobbling in the big jets because you’re close to stalling, along with the crosswind.


Hi there, changes were implemented with the release of build 18.5. It may take a little to get used to so I’d recommend practicing some takeoffs and landings on Casual and Solo to build experience and confidence.


i rotate at about 145knots depending on weight and aircraft but at around 120 plane starts turning right

oh ok cool being playing this for about 3 years it just started to happen suddenly i will need to get use to thanks for the feedback


I know exactly what your talking about, it’s really strange

I felt the same thing when flying my 737 today first time since the update and I flew out of denver while I had a 6 knot cross wind which was nothing til a 15 or 16 gust kicked in right on rotation so It is a massive adjustment. Mine just happened to be really extreme.

Good evening,

i made some screenshots for you, i thought this might explain in a better way how to use your rudder.
The example is a 747-400 (of course), taking off from Paris Orly:

-Runway heading is 255 degress, so 76 degrees from the left
-Wind: 179 degress, 29 knots, 76 degrees from the left
-Take off weight around 392 t,
-Flaps ( have to be ) at 20,
-V2 ( Take off safety speed ) is172 knots ( not 120 )

Normally you do not rotate that early like i did in this example as it is difficult to keep the plane that long aligned with the runway centerline ( not to speak off the stress aplied to the main landing gear and tires ), but i wanted to show that it is possible without getting blown away to the side.


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