Weird crash at JFK

Hi it may of been lag but I was on final at jfk runway 22R with the 747-8 and right before touch down it said crash I went into replay mode to see WTF happened and it hadn’t even hit the ground does anyone have any ideas


I think this should be on #support correct me if I am wrong

Hello! First and foremost welcome to the community! Hope you like it here!

Before we get into anything may I know the following

  • What device are you using
  • Do you have a stable internet connection
  • Are you running alot of apps in the background using RAM

If I can know those we can most likely work from there!

(And also if you can please change this to #support)


welcome to the community, @Average_Gamer gave a good explanation, but if u want more you can contact #support

Hi. This doesn’t sound like a device or RAM issue as it’s the game that said you crashed, as if you hit a mountain.

If you could share your replay via , that would help.

And then we can go from there, with more information and a better idea of what happened.

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Hello! First and Foremost, welcome to the community, happy to have you! You may want to try clearing your Scenery cache. As far as I know this is not a ‘known’ issue so it may just be your device. You may have accidentally hit your wing on the ground or have had a fast sink rate but if not it is a technical issue and you may want to try clearing your scenery cache

Hi it didn’t seem like It was a crash of a App but actually it said crash in the game but I have a iPhone 7 and the only apps I was using was IF passengers and IF assistant

iPhone 7’s are really struggling right now with the sim

Can you send us a replay with the link @tunamkol kindly provided? :)

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This issue is not related to the one you pointed out. This topic was posted previously to the weather issue.

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