Weird controls and calibration.

Is there a way to calibrate your controls before disengaging auto pilot to land on short final? I always would hold my phone normally in front of me where I feel comfortable and then calibrate it. When I disengage auto pilot, the plane’s nose would either rise upwards or downwards a lot so I would have to adjust my device quickly forward away or towards me, making it really hard to see my device. Any tips or suggestions to help me fix this issue?

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Yes there is:
Just tap the three lines in the bottom right, followed by “Calibrate” :)

Usually on final, some additional trim is needed to not end up with a dive. At least for me.


The same thing happened to me before … But make sure that VS is at 0 in the HUD or not greater than 10 or -10 that will help you to calibrate and remove the autopilot to not move at all

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Hi! Welcome to the IFC!

Did you mean the Short Final option on solo? I usually add more power, then press the 20 secs back button for a second, proper go, as it is too short of a track!

If you meant on live, either you gotta sorta prepare to “catch it” right after disengaging A/P or wait for V/S to read 0. Callibrating levels out your flight surfaces to neutral (inline with the wings), so when you disengage A/P while on full deflection it jumps.

Hope that helps, cheers! :)

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