Weird connection issue

Device: iPhone14
Operating system: iOS 16.6

Hope you can help.

I’m having a strange connection issue.

Basically all aircraft are ‘unknown’ instead of having callsign names and ATC isn’t working properly- the other day ATC wasn’t responding to me repeatedly, after waiting a while I took off. Then I was suddenly given a level 3 violation.

Since then, whenever I go online, even when tuned to ground/tower I get no responses and I hear no other radio traffic either (there’s aircraft all around)

Now, even if there’s definitely ATC, I can’t select it on the radio- I can only get the offline radio channel.

I was originally trying to appeal the level 3 violation initially and I just couldn’t upload the replay - it kept saying it was a zero byte file and wouldn’t proceed.

It’s all really weird.

Can you help me out?



Sorry to hear.
May you by any chance using a VPN?
We’ve seen this behaviour recently when users are using VPN clients.


I do have a VPN actually!
But I’ve had one for years and it hasn’t been an issue.
I’ll give it a go now.

Any chance I could get the level 3 removed from my record? It’s knocked me down to grade 2 :*( and it was a genuine technical issue.

Back to you again when I’ve tried.


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Which VPN are you using? :)

Nord VPN.
I’ve had it for about 2 years.
It is currently deactivated

Sad news- it didn’t work.

I could connect to ground and tower at EGLL but neither channel responded to me at all, all aircraft were called ‘unknown’ and then they all just disappeared.

Top right hand corner system status is all green.
Nothing has changed on my phone recently.

What else can I try?

Have you restarted the app in between? :)

Yes. It has been going on for a few days so I’ve closed it and reopened at least 10 times since the first time it happened.

Yes but since you switched off the VPN

Yes and I just tried again. Same thing, connected to ground and also tower but no response.
Other aircraft at airport called ‘unknown’

Okay, try with the VPN again then.
But make sure to change protocol since that is the primary issue with the VPN.

You can use any protocol but “NordLynx”.

Ok I just tried that, now I see other aircraft, their names and I can see them radioing but I’m not receiving the responses to them from ATC to or to me on ground or tower (at EGLL).

I’m really sorry about this, I’m sure it’s a pain

I too have just had this issue and also use nordvpn. works when i disconnect but not when i’m connected?

If you’re using NordVPN, check your VPN Protocol in their settings. Anything except NordLynx works in our testing.

More here:

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