Weird Circling Maneuver above Hamburg

So I was on FlightRadar24 just now and I saw this aircraft doing circles over Hamburg (City, not Airport)

Do you think he might be trying to land, or something? he came from Antwerp btw.



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What’s the flight number and airline?

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Looks like a holding pattern. It’s normal.

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I don’t think it was a revenue flight

How were winds and visibility at the time? It might have decreased the aircraft’s ability to land.

I can’t remember but i don’t think the plane had any intentions of landing

A holding pattern would look much neater:

And it wouldn’t be over a city :)

As @Lare said it’s probably a VFR flight, they are probably sightseeing.


@IceBlue holding patterns can be direct over cities, but almost always very high.

The holding pattern was not looking as you described due to the flight being tracked via MLAT.

Was this all tonight because no flights were landing in BHD for awhile.

Look how much circling this light aircraft has done



that’s dedication!


You can post new/cool findings here:

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