Weird camera angles

I have noticed that, after the last update, that all the camera angles are rather zoomed out and weird. It’s different from before, everything seems smaller when I use especially the drone cameras. This makes me unable to/difficult to find good views during flight (for example realistic window/wing views).

Is this an issue/something others are experiencing? Is this something that is on purpose or something that is going to be fixed?

(I’m not sure how to explain it properly).

I just saw your closed support topic. I’m pretty sure you can zoom in. I’ll try when I get the chance.

To zoom in, you have to do so on the right side of your screen. It won’t work on the center of your screen because it will instead interpret it as if you are trying to move the drone around.


I tried it now and it seem to be working. I have been using Infinite Flight for many many years but I didn’t know this trick. I guess one learns new things every day.

Thank you!

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You’re welcome! Took me a while to figure this trick out on my own lol

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