Weird callsign

I was flying on live today and I found this callsign. Is this normal? When you put letters into your callsign when making it it will always be captial no matter what. Is this a glitch or am I stupid?


The user probably selected the callsign before the latest rules were introduced


Oh ok. I started playing after those rules so I was very confused when I found this

Basically what @ewanfleming said. Just like Mark Denton’s: “Skyhawk Heavy”. They haven’t changed there callsigns since the restriction.


There are 4 different ways to change your callsign to a special callsign:

1- You haven’t changed your callsign since 2015 update

2- You are a Infinite Flight tester and you can change whenever you want to, or just ask a developer (For Testers or Moderators)

3- You use a Changing Values Glitch

4- You try to get an older version of the simulator and try to go to the Multiplayer mod (which is blocked by a message), and try to get into it which is impossible unless you know some kind of unknown trick