Weird bug

Sometimes, the sliders in the load setting go crazy:

239 pass in a A319! That is one full plane! The slider is so far right that it could not be seen!

Apple iPad Air 2
iOS 9.3.5
1.7GB available


That’s weird!
I can select anything from 0 to 136 passengers, with a max weight of 10,483 kg.

Did you fly the 737 family before that?

Seems totally legit.

In all seriousness this should be a pretty fun bug to play around with.

This might help you as well. 161% load in 737-700
It works also like you described.

Nope. I fly the 737 very rarely

Okay, then I have no idea.

Have you flown the A321 recently with max passengers? This happens sometimes when you move from a larger aircraft in the same family to a smaller one. For instance this happens when going from the 737-800 to the 737-700. You switch over to the smaller one and it maintains the weight settings from the -800. Same goes for the A320 family. All you need to do is touch the screen and the slider will appear and the correct weight limits for the aircraft will be implemented.

This has happened to me several times, it’s not that serious since you can just change it back to a sensible weight. Or, you can pretend you’re flying in a packed low cost airline and have fun :)

might want to put your eyes through this :)

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That’s really weird.

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