Weird Bug

Sorry for poor quality by the way!!

So, I was logging into IF…preparing for a flight and what not. While choosing my aircraft and livery, I came across this weird bug that happened to multiple aircrafts. It’s not too big of a deal, but it’s bugs me a bit not being able to view my aircraft! (Sorry if this is a repost of any other related issues)

This surfaces every now and again. Usually a restart of the app and device will clear this up.


Ya, I’ve closed the app multiple times and it’s still showing weird Codings.

Have you restarted your device after closing the app? If that doesn’t resolve your issue then delete Infinite Flight and reinstall it :)

Sorry that’s what I meant to say, I restarted my device. Deleted/Downloaded if already, it’s still showing this bug. Only for a select few of aircrafts though. For example, C172…Dash 8… 787-10… and a couple others.

Like I said, it’s not a HUGE issue or whatever…but it’s an annoying bug. I’m just seeing if there is any way I can fix it.

Odd, it’s a known bug that is resolved 99.99% of the time by restarting the app. Not sure why it’s not going away for you.

Should I just stay off IF right now, and hope it’ll resolve itself?

No not at all, I would still enjoy your favorite aircraft and airports :)

Haha, sorry…I didn’t mean it like (I’m deleting IF or whatever) I meant like should I keep away for like an hour or something?

Nope, just for the sake of it can you close Infinite Flight right now, fully power down your device (turn off) and then reboot your device and relaunch Infinite Flight. Tell us if the issue goes away.

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Haha! I had just rebooted my device again prior to that message and it worked this time!! Thanks so much!!

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Excellent news! Glad to hear, enjoy ;)

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Thanks! Safe flying!’ ✈️✈️

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