Weird Bug

Just finished flying from PHNL-PHTO, and when I contacted Hilo approach they never responded. I knew they could see me because they moved an arrival out of the way for me to land, when I contacted tower the controller didn’t respond but I knew they saw me because they told traffic who had just landed to expedite off and after I cross the numbers they lined someone up, and when I vacated they cleared the plane to take off. So what I’m saying is ATC could see me but they couldn’t respond to my requests. I was on love for almost 2 hours does that play a role on the connection issue?

Callsign: Speedbird 328 Heavy
Aircraft: 787-9


Known issue. You probably appeared as “Unknown” for the controller, and they couldn’t respond to you so they worked the traffic around you to make it possible for you to finish your flight.


This happens to me often I don’t know if it was a glitch or bad atc

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Thanks, I knew they just weren’t ignoring me😂

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That’s actually pretty impressive atc work. Helping you even tho they couldn’t talk to you


It’s like I squaked 7700😉


Isn’t it 7600? For the radio problems?