Weird Bug, speed violations at 144kts

Earlier today ,I was flying from Hong Kong to Shanghai when I somehow recieved violations. I was flying at 4000ft with a speed of about 160 kts , suddenly Speed Warnings appearred on the screen,I reduced my speed ,but it doesn’t work . Finally I stalled, crashing into the water several miles away from Pudong Airport.

That is weird:(
Why did u crash

It still says 144 on HUD

@SimpleWaffles with a wind of 12kt and a GS of 130-he most certainly wasn’t at 250kt or above. This is a strange thing indeed-it shows his IAS rising on the tape-but he’s at 144kt and rising.


Would you mind sharing the replay file with us?


You can share it via

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Here is the link to upload and we’ll take a peek for you.

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Send us the code once it is finsh uploading

It’s probably best for you to contact a moderator or staff that can remove the violations, don’t forget to include the live replay so they can take a look for you.

Thats really strange try to contact the support!*

I think it is time for a more qualified answer. @schyllberg, would you like to give some input on this situation?


I think it’s time we wait for some kind of reply from the OP. But yeah, the replay would be helpful here.


This is exactly what happened to me and I got ghosted from the amount of violations

I think there is a problem with these warnings, here is another example of a violaçao without any reason, the warning came out of nowhere and after a time received violation.

Replays please. Can’t do much without those and there’s never been an issue with this before… so details is out of the most importance.


why not contacting the developers about the bugs?

I don’t know what you mean by this.

As stated above, the replays were needed but no one ever gave them.

i mean, why don’t you guys contact the developers of the weird violation bugs?

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