Weird bug on the E170

Hi everyone!Many months ago I noticed a weird bug on the E170 near the winglets

As you can see maybe this is the file of the Delta livery(Which is on the E170) I hope the Embraer rework will be there soon!


So what exactly are we looking at? Can you zoom out some?
Does it happen on all the 170s?
Did you reboot?
What device are you on?
What are your graphics settings?


in my device this don’t happen, but already happened in my old device, in GOL 737 inside the wing, thought that was a glicht and restarted the IF, then was gone

this bug is present on all E170 liveries,
I tried to restart the app but didn’t work, iPad2018 (also tested with an iPhone X), all High anti aliasing ON

Not showing up on the DAL E170

Lol I have this bug too.
Graphics: all max
Device: IPad Air 3

well…it maybe gone now

The images I sent dates back around 20 minutes ago

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The 170 is an older aircraft. Will make a note of it. I am sure it will get resolved if it gets reworked.


Roger, Thanks @Chris_S