Weird ATC

Hi, when you send a message in IF in the Atc you hear a woman (or what you have) telling you messages. But in my device when I send message or others I hear %@#@#£&# un clearly talking… How can I fix it?

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i guess it might be your device text to speech engine that might be faulty. check your device language and settings and text to speech settings. in phone settings

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I’ll try, thanks… Hope it will work

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what should I do?

Take a look at your settings in infinite flight for the voices. You may have it set to a voice that does not exist with Pico. Try changing the voice for the “others messages” to be the same as the pilot voice.

In audio, right? In setting

I can’t find it…

In the live???

Settings -> Live

Pilot Voice
Default Voice

Can you send a screen shot?

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Try changing them both to a different option.

In the mean time I will try to download pico and see if I can recreate the issue. Surprised why you dont have google tts installed.


There are no other massages here

Ok let me see if I can recreate it.

Downloaded Google tts, working thank you

Great! Glad to hear.

Are you using Google tts too?

Yes. I thought it was standard on android devices.

Maybe not on Chinese… Anyway thank you very. Much

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